Chilaqua Fruit Infused Water Bottle - Red


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Chilaqua Fruit Infuser Water Bottle offers a healthier alternative over all the sugary options available.

Enhance Your Hydrating Experience Now!

- Do you know the secret how to stay healthy, fit or even loose extra weight?
- Do you think that you are not drinking enough water, or you just simply want to make your water more delicious?

Introducing Your Very Own Chilaqua Infuser Water Bottle to the Resque!

- Designed to enjoy water with delicious flavor, cut cravings for sugary drinks and stay refreshed.


- Infused Water will help clean and detoxify your body.
- Infused Water will reduce headaches and make you feel less tired.
- Infused Water will keep your skin looking young with a beautiful glow.
- Infused Water provides anti-oxidants to protect and strengthen the immune system.



- Made of Tough Eastman tritan copolyester.
- Slim sleek design with easy to carry lid handle.
- Perfect 24oz(700ml) fits in your car cup holder.
- Infused Water Recipes Ebook. 24 pages of delicious ideas to get you on the right track.


  • Greater infusion; Longer, slimmer infuser basket accommodates lots more fruit but there is still plenty of space for water; 24 ounce capacity
  • Easy to use; Just fill fruit infuser with fruit, veggies or herbs and add water; Larger basket accommodates more fruit; Wide mouth for easy filling
  • Flawless and tough; Chilaqua fruit infuser water bottle has a flawless design made of strong clear BPA-free Tritan Plastic which looks like glass as it is one of the thickest type of plastic you can get.
  • What you get; Chilaqua Fruit Infuser Water Bottle, recipe Ebook, our unbeaten lifetime warranty and friendly customer service.
  • What customers are saying;                                                                                                  Very pleased with my purchase. Omg !! I honestly Love this bottle. It is made with high quality plastic. You can tell that, as soon, as you take it in your hand. Fruits really infuse the water. The packaging is well made. When i opened the box i noticed extra protection inside, which surprised me a little. But. Infuser Bottle arrived in perfect condition. Infuser works perfectly .I am using it every day . So far so good . No leaking at all. Well done Chilaqua. Very pleased with my purchase. I will return for more.

At Chilaqua, we happily offer you a quick, no hassle 100% Replacement or Refund Guarantee.

 Order your Chilaqua Infuser Water Bottle now. Consider getting two. Think of someone you care about. I am sure he/she will enjoy it.

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