Chilaqua Infused Water Bottles


If you need motivation to start a better way of living stay energised and drink more water, Chilaqua Infuser Bottles is the answer. Our great design will keep you inspired and motivated while you strive to get you hydration on the right track.

At Chilaqua is all about celebrating water – in fact, it’s our main focus.

We believe that getting your daily hydration shouldn’t look or feel like a chore.

It’s our mission to give you all the goodness of water in a fruit ifusion that’ll make you love it even more. So go on, Cut your fruits, fill one up, empty, and repeat.

Now is your turn, share your IInfused drink ideas  and inspire others!
Dont be shy; share with us picks of your cool recipes on  our Instagram @Chilaquaworldwide and hashtag #chilaqua #infusedwaterbottle